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Feta Saganaki

Feta saganaki

In today's times we've cooking food recipes Feta Saganaki 2018 is interesting to try and in practise. So the recipe Feta Saganaki renders as a menu extra and fresh science in the world of dishes. Please try and if successful with cooking recipes Popular Recipe Make sure you conserve and or make a note in if Feta Saganaki of Kostas1213 is effective.

Feta saganaki

Ingredients of Feta saganaki:

  • 3-4 sliced pieces feta cheese
  • 1/4 cup flower
  • 1 shot cognac
  • 3-4 tbs oil I like olive oil

Method for "Feta saganaki":

  1. Cut the feta in small square pieces
  2. Now put the flour in a plate
  3. In a medium skillet add the oil and heat it up to medium high temperature
  4. Coat the feta and put it in the pan the trick to this is you want to turn it only one time so make sure it gets nice and golden
  5. Now turn the feta and when it gets golden on the bottom side add the cognac AND WATCH YOUR EYEBROWS IT MAY FIRE UP A BIT OPA.
  6. Now you can top it with a bit of lemon juice
  7. Enjoy καλή όρεξη

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